Tax Enquiry

Having a tax enquiry land on your doorstep can be frightening – particularly when you have no idea of how to respond. Usually HRMC will want to see your records once they have filed a tax enquiry. But do you where all your records are kept? Are they in order?

HMRC are now also getting into the habit of conducting tax enquiries at random. Do you think you’d pass the test if they did so to you tomorrow?

If you answer no to any of the above then you should consult us as soon as possible. Why?

The penalties for non-compliance vary, but can involve you having to pay a fee that’s equal to the outstanding bill – thus doubling your tax bill.

But it doesn’t have to be this way….

We can investigate your accounts and pinpoint precisely what the problem is, and communicate this to HRMC.

We can iron out any discrepancies and help you to avoid being penalised.

We can fight your corner.

Our comprehensive tax management and planning schemes ensure the chances of your business coming under investigation are minimal; every set of returns we submit to HMRC is evaluated to ensure it won’t create any question marks.